Calling all youngsters who want to run away to the circus!  Sky Candy offers year-round aerial and circus arts classes, camps, private lessons, birthday parties and more for youth of all ages!

Drop-in Aerial Classes are great for kids who want to try out aerials for the first time.

Twelve-week Series Classes are the best way for kids to progress in their aerial skills- if your child would enjoy performing in a showcase, this is the way to go.

Sky Camps are week-long aerial and circus day camps that take place over spring break and throughout the summer.

Private lessons are great for families with unique scheduling demands, or for kids under 6 who want to do aerials.


Sky Candy also offers Birthday Parties and other group outings!

Questions? Contact our Youth Program Manager:

You can also join the Sky Candy Families Facebook group for the most up to date information about our Youth program!

Parent Testimonials

“I can not say enough about Andy!!!! He is such a wonderful teacher to our daughter!” -Kimberley S.

“As the mother of a passionate ten-year-old aerialist, I am compelled to thank Sky Candy and their fabulous teachers for the positive influence they have had on my daughter. Two years ago my daughter quit her synchronized swimming team to attend aerialist class with enthusiasm, and she made great strides taking class with Andy. Four months after starting her training she broke her elbow at school. Badly. Surgery, three pins, and many months away from any physical activity took a significant toll on her self esteem and confidence.

She came back to Sky Candy emotionally broken and physically atrophied. Andy’s calm, reassuring encouragement saw Evelyn through many tears and frustrations. She had lost significant muscle tone and could not fully extend her arm. The pediatric orthopedic surgeon declared “With an injury such as this we consider 81% flexion of the joint a success.” For a nine year old, not being able to extend her arm was not a success in my opinion. Over the course of the last year, Joanna, Winnie, and Andy have consistently pushed Evelyn with compassion and patience and much needed tough love.

Everyone around Sky Candy, other staff and students waiting for class create a feeling of support; there is not a competitive feeling, there is an encouraging atmosphere at Sky Candy. Today Evelyn not only fully extends her arm, she has built her upper body strength to the point where the broken elbow is a memory when she looks at the scars on her skin.

I am a huge supporter of Sky Candy and what they are building. They have earned my respect not only for the professional’s physical abilities, but also for the professional’s responsible care for the youth entrusted to their care.

Sky Candy is getting it right.” -Shannon E.