Flexibility Workshops

with Otgo Waller

Flexibility workshops incoming from Otgo Waller!

Otgo is the creator of the Flexible Body Art technique and the owner of its associated school. She has been studying contortion for over 40 years, starting in Mongolia at just 8 years old.

In Mongolia, contortion is a traditional art form passed on from one generation to the next. She has been teaching people of all ages how to increase their flexibility for the past 20 years.

From Otgo:
“I work with all levels of flexibility from beginning to advanced levels and teach safety, proper techniques, and tricks. My training program has also helped heal many different injuries.

I’ve learned it’s necessary to treat each student’s body individually because their needs are all so different. This is why I have created my own unique program to help every individual become more flexible and reach their potential as a contortionist or whatever their dreams are.

We are all unique, are different ages, and have different pasts. However, if we do the right exercises we can all become flexible and we can learn the art of contortion. It is amazing how the human body can transform.”

Both workshops are 2 hours long, cost $160 to attend, and need a minimum of four signups to make.

  • Flexible Spine, Youthful You: Beginner on Sunday, May 1st at 1pm
  • Flexible Spine, Youthful You: Intermediate/Advanced on Sunday, May 1st at 4pm

She will also be available for Private Lessons from 4/29-5/1; contact Front Desk to book time or for more information.

For more information on any particular workshop, their costs or prerequisites, or to sign up, visit our Workshop page.