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Fit for Flight: Our New Drop-In Schedule

If you’ve checked out our drop-in schedule lately you may have noticed that it’s chock-full of new classes. Going by names such as, “Dance Fit,” “Lyra Fit,”, “Silks Fit,” etc., these hour-long offerings are meant to build your strength and endurance, helping you make progress towards your circus goals. But the best news is that most of them are open to all levels, so even if you’ve never touched a trapeze before, you’re invited to come get your circus training on with us. What do these new classes look like? Let’s break down the details!

Not Your Average Gym

Our fitness classes are designed to make your daily workout more fun. Sure, you could hit the gym for a weight-training circuit and 30 minutes on the elliptical (again), or you could come to our Austin circus school for an hour on what many students refer to as our “adult jungle gym”. Your instructor will lead you through exercises designed to increase your endurance while strengthening all your muscles, especially your upper body and core (which are essential to our work as circus performers). You’ll discover that abdominal crunches are more fun if performed hanging from your knees on a trapeze bar, and leg presses are way more satisfying if you’re using them to propel yourself to the top of the pole. 


How Much Circus Will I Learn?

While you might cover some of the most basic skills (entrances and exits, climbs, etc.), you should not expect to build much vocabulary in a fitness class. We’re focusing on getting you a great workout, not training you to be a circus star. Think of our fitness classes like Popeye’s spinach — healthy green veggies to make you strong. For a more balanced meal, including dessert, check out our series classes, where you’ll focus less on conditioning and more on skills and sequences. Fitness classes are highly recommended for our current series students who have reached a plateau or want to continue building strength.

Just the Facts

All fitness classes are one hour long. They take place weekday mornings at 7 and/or 8am, as well as most weekdays at noon. There are also some evening and weekend classes. You can find the full schedule here. Only a few classes have prerequisites, which are noted alongside the class title. For example, “Trapeze Fit, Level 2+” is open to students who are approved for Sky Candy trapeze classes at or above level 2. If you’ve taken class at another studio and think you qualify for a class with a prerequisite, please contact our front desk staff to schedule a 30-minute assessment. Drop-in classes are $25/each or included with our Unlimited Drop-In pass, a fantastic deal that allows you to explore all the new drop-in classes for just $60/month.

We hope you’ll stop by our Austin circus school soon for a round of pull-ups, a climb on the silks, or a leg-shaking series of plies! We strongly believe that circus is for everyone, and we’re excited to change the way you work out.

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