Handstands at Home

Learn how to safely train handstands as home, either as an end to themselves or keep your core strong for aerial work!

Three Floor Exercises for Hollow Body

Train your hollow body hold with these three floor exercises!
woman doing pull-ups on a set of stall bars in her home gym

Using Pull-Ups

Harness the power of pull-ups to keep or rebuild your aerial strength at home!
Toe Pointe & Flex Conditioning

Aerial Skills on the Ground

Keep your strength up even when you can't get in the air!
two female aerialists perform on the cube in Sailor Moon costumes

Costume Drama

A primer on choosing your performance wear

What to Expect: Flow Classes

Fit classes seem self-explanatory, but what exactly is a flow class?

Performance Prep

Plan, pack, rehearse, rest, hydrate, nourish, and above all, breathe! Remember, this is supposed to be fun. ;)

Open Studio Tips for New Students

We're answering all your Open Studio questions - don't be scared!

What To Expect: All Levels Classes

What does "no experience necessary" actually mean?
woman drinks from a full glass of water

Clean & Sober

Why we're zero tolerant of training while altered
female hand writes a plan in a gridded journal

New Year, New You

How to set reasonable goals for change
ice frozen on tree branches

Brrrrr, It’s Cold In Here

How to stay safe during winter training