Sky Candy believes that circus is for everyone, and we seek to bring the joy and empowerment of the circus arts to those who will benefit most. Circus has a number of benefits for youth in the areas of cognitive functioning, creative expression, emotional health, and physical health.  Scholarship funds go towards our Inclusive Circus classes for youth with special needs, services for at-risk youth, and helping families afford Sky Camps and Series classes who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them. Learn more about the extensive benefits of circus here!

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Therapeutic Circus Programming

Therapeutic Circus programming is a unique and interactive therapeutic tool focused on utilizing circus activities as a way to promote healing, confidence, and regulation.  Therapeutic sessions provide a supportive and safe environment where students engage in experiential circus therapy with Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Lacy Alana. Therapeutic Circus programming can benefit youth and adults with learning differences, anxiety and mood disorders, eating disorders, sensory/processing issues, behavioral issues, self-esteem challenges, communication difficulties, and other developmental or neurological differences. Individual, group, family, or couple sessions are available for those who would benefit from the experience of engaging in a supportive and safe environment that fosters bonding and communication.

We periodically offer group Series classes for various special needs populations – to discuss or schedule a therapeutic circus session or for more information about our Inclusive Series class, please contact

Although we do not process insurance claims, we will provide receipts that can be turned into insurance providers for out-of-network reimbursement.  Since insurance coverage may vary by plan, please contact your provider and ask if CPT codes 90791, 90837, 90847, 90853 are covered by your plan.