Youth Skills Levels

In order to enroll in either Silks and Hammock 1 or Trapeze and Lyra 1, the youth student must complete the Aerial Basics class and be able to execute all of the following skills, with no verbal prompting and minimal to no spotting.

Silks Requirements

  • Standard climb
  • Inch worm down
  • One climb, besides standard (froggy or Russian)
  • Figure eight footlock from the ground
  • One standing skill in single footlock (hip lean, titanic, lean forward, side sit)

Hammock Requirements

  • Straddle back
  • Gazelle
  • Peter Pan

Trapeze Requirements

  • Smooth transition from sitting to standing
  • Standing on bar in demi pointe
  • Mermaid
  • One skill standing on the bar

Lyra Requirements

  • One skill from sitting
  • Lion in a Tree

Additional Trapeze and Lyra Requirements

  • Tuck entrance
  • Knee hang
  • Long arm hand for minimum of five seconds
  • One skill under the bar/hoop
  • Transition from under the bar/hoop to sitting