Sky Candy’s Youth Aerial and Circus Class Levels are structured with the intention of providing a safe, rewarding experience for our young students. Have questions about the level of your child? E-mail the Sky Candy Youth Team at

Aerial Basics & Youth Drop In– Open Level

Silks and Hammock 1 for Youth – Completion of Aerial Basics and the following:


Standard climb

Inch worm down

One climb besides standard (froggy or russian)

Figure 8 footlock from the ground

One standing skill in single foot lock (hip lean, titanic, lean forward, side sit)


Straddle back on hammock

Gazelle on hammock

Peter pan on hammock

Silks and Hammock 2 for Youth– Completion of Silks and Hammock 1 and the following:


10 second long arm hang

Clean double foot locks in the air

Split rolls


Transition from straddle back to sitting


Aviator with tick tock or forward dive fake out to exit

Trapeze and Lyra 1 for Youth– Completion of Aerial Basics and the following:


Tuck entrance

Smooth transition from sitting to standing

Standing on bar in demi pointe

Knee hang

One skill under the bar

One skill from sitting

One skill standing on the bar

5 second long arm hang


Tuck entrance

Transition from under the bar to sitting

One skill from sitting