ice frozen on tree branches

Brrrrr, It’s Cold In Here

Winter may not last long in Austin, but colder temperatures still affect us. While we do our best to keep our studio toasty warm during the winter months, some extra steps might be necessary to ensure your body stays happy and healthy when the temperature drops.

Layer on the Love

When dressing for class this winter, add on a few extra layers. Consider sweatpants and a hoodie over your usual gear, as well as leg warmers, arm warmers, back warmers (lookin’ at you, flexibility students!), and socks. Shed excess layers as you move through your warmup. Ideally, layers should be close-fitting, easy to remove, and free of zippers or metal parts that could snag fabric. Keep track of your pieces as you take them off and be sure to take them with you after class. If you find socks are too slippery on the mats, look for non-skid options with rubber treads on the bottom (Amazon has a wide variety of these).

Get Warm

Your warmup is designed to raise your core body temperature, preparing you for a strenuous workout. When it’s cold, it follows that it’s going to take you some extra time to get that core body temperature up. If you can arrive at the studio early and begin to warm up on your own, do so. Ideally, you should be warm enough to shed your outer layer by the time warmup ends. If you’re still chilly, assign yourself some extra jumping jacks or burpees or spend a little time in a head/handstand to ensure you break a sweat before getting on your apparatus. (Same thing goes for open studio!)

And Stay Warm!

If your usual MO is to take it easy when you’re not in the air, you might want to switch it up this season. Your body will cool down if you don’t keep moving, increasing your risk for injury. If you find yourself tempted to reach for your hoodie during class downtime, try performing some light movement while you wait for your next turn on your apparatus.

Go Easy on the Stretching

Tis not the season to push it on the flexibility goals. If you’re going to train flexibility during the winter, make sure you’re truly warm before you begin, keep those layers on, and heat your room to an appropriate temperature. We’re not saying you can’t stretch, but we’re advising that this is not the best time to decide you suddenly need absolutely flat splits at all costs, especially if you’re a beginner. Go slowly, get and stay warm, and stop if a muscle feels particularly resistant (good advice at any time of year, but especially in the colder months).

Keep Your Germs to Yourself!

In addition to increased risk of injury during the winter months, you’re also more likely to catch a cold or the flu. Take extra precaution by washing your hands before and after class to keep germs from spreading. And if you’re sick, please stay home! Your body needs rest, and your instructor and classmates will thank you for not exposing them to illness. We’ll be wishing you a speedy recovery from a safe distance! (Remember, you can book a 30-minute catch up lesson to review the material you missed.)

On behalf of everyone at Sky Candy, we wish you a warm and happy winter season. Also, remember to give yourself permission to rest and relax during this busy time. Stay cozy!