Three Month Drop-In Class Deal

summer drop-in deal promo image

We have an amazing new deal for the next two weeks. From June 3rd through June 16th, anyone who does not currently hold an unlimited drop-in pass is eligible to buy three months worth of unlimited drop-in classes for $225. The three months start upon first usage (first drop-in class attended after purchase) and expire one year from purchase.

This is substantially lowered from our normal unlimited drop-in pass rate of $75 for your first month and $120 per month every month after that.

We’re hoping to have more students try our wonderful array of drop-in classes with this deal, and maybe convince a few of you to become regular pass holders. Grab this deal while it lasts and try our ever-increasing variety of drop-in classes, including aerial apparatus focused, dance, yoga, burlesque, flexibility, handstands, and more!