Sky Candy is Temporarily Closed

November 2020: We are restarting a select number of in-studio Series Classes. Classes will have three to six students, there will be no shared apparatuses and no hands-on spotting. Masks will be required and a minimum 6′ distance should be maintained for and between all persons in the space at all times.

October 2020: We are opening up for a small number of two person Private Lessons and in-person Private Parties of three or fewer persons. We are not booking Duo Apparatus Private Lessons at this time. Teachers will not be providing hands-on spotting at this time. Students are expected to maintain a 6′ distance from other persons in the space, even within the same party or if coming from the same household. Masks will be required for all persons in the space at all times.

September 2020: We are opening up for a limited amount of one-on-one Private Lessons. Masks will be required for all persons in the space at all times. Teachers will maintain at least 6′ distance from students at all times, no hands-on spotting will occur, and teachers and students will have separate apparatuses.

August 2020: We are opening up for a restricted number of individual point rentals. Masks will be required and a minimum 6′ distance should be maintained for and between all persons in the space at all times.

March-May 2020: For the time being, we have cancelled all future classes, workshops, open studios, private lessons and parties and other events, including our collaborative show with the ZACH Theatre, The Water Cycle.

While we are aware that Governor Abbot has said that Texas gyms may open, with certain restrictions, as of Monday, May 18th, we are not sure when we will be able to reopen our Springdale General studio space in a way that feels safe to our staff and students. However, we have created a whole schedule of online classes that we’re excited to share!

For the most up to date news on COVID-19 and official recommendations, please visit the city of Austin’s coronavirus page and the resources listed there. For the most up to date news on how we’re handling coronavirus as a company and a community center, please visit our coronavirus page.

Thank you so much for being part of our community. We hope that in working together to flatten the curve, we can minimize the spread of COVID-19.

What you can do to help:

  • Our business already runs on thin margins and with the decline in sales over the past few weeks spurred by this pandemic, coupled with this pending closure, we are in a very tough financial position. If you want and are able to help us during this closure and to support the future of our studio, we ask you to consider these options:
    • Maintain your current monthly drop-in passes. While our in-person classes are suspended, many of our small business expenses will not be and we appreciate your help in ensuring we can return to business as usual when the time comes. We also have a really awesome array of Online Classes that you can use your drop-in pass for.
    • Hold on to account credit instead of requesting monetary refunds.
    • Purchase a gift card that you can use for classes, workshops, private lessons, and more when we reopen.
    • Book a dummy private lesson with your favorite instructor. If you’d like to offer direct support to an individual teacher, we can set up a fake private lesson to ensure they receive the most direct monetary benefit from your contribution – please contact Front Desk to schedule one (or more!) of these.
    • Make a donation via Paypal or Mindbody, (for Mindbody, you’ll need to email Heidi, our HR director, and have her enter the amount manually).
    • Check out our Teespring store to purchase some merch.
    • Give us a positive review on Yelp, Google, Facebook, a/o Trip Advisor.

    This is a difficult and unprecedented time for everyone, but we have faith that with a concerted community effort, we can minimize the detrimental long term impacts.

  • For the most up-to-date info from us, please sign up for our Community Bulletin or visit our page on coronavirus and how it’s affecting us, updated frequently. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at