Teacher Spotlight: Katie Navarro

Tell us about your early life and education

I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana and participated in ballet and other dance classes throughout my childhood. 

I went to Texas A&M for a degree in Biomedical Science. I also participated in dance classes there and performed in the exhibition piece when they established their Dance minor program.

For grad school, I attended Texas State University (then known as Southwest Texas State University) and received a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy.”

What brought you to Austin? 

“I really enjoyed my time in San Marcos and Austin during graduate school and decided to stay.

What first drew you to aerial work? 

“I bought a Groupon for flying trapeze and saw that they also taught aerial classes. I did flying trapeze for about six years or so while there was a rig here in town and slowly began training lyra at the same time. I had danced all my life and this was a new and exciting way to have creative movement in my life.

How did you get involved with Sky Candy?

“I started taking classes right around when we moved into the building on Calles. I took teacher training a few years after that.

What is your favorite thing about being an aerial instructor?

“I love sharing movement with people and empowering people to move their own bodies through space. It’s also why I love being a physical therapist.”

If you could give a brand new student one piece of advice, what would it be?

Take a deep breath. We all travel at our own pace on this aerial journey. Be proud of your struggle and your accomplishments. Remember to build up the people around you. 

What do you find challenging in your own aerial practice?

“Finding time for all the things is a challenge: my own practice, lesson plans, flexibility work, my job, and the relationships in my life. It’s a struggle to find a balance and it helps to realize that no one can do all the things all the time.

Aside from aerial work, what are your passions, hobbies, and interests?

“I love gardening, cooking, eating all the things, crocheting, and going on road trips.

What’s your favorite way to indulge?

“Eating yummy things.” 

What haven’t I asked that you would want students to know about you?

“I’m 4’10″ and a half.”