Space Rental

Did you know that you can rent space at Sky Candy? We have six studio spaces available for rent, each with differing amenities (see below for details). Contact for pricing and availability.


  • 18’x27′ studio with 10’2″ ceiling
  • Laminate wood flooring
  • Floor-to-ceiling window
  • Two ballet barres and mirrored wall
  • Available with 0-5 poles
hyrrokin pole studio space rental photo
secret room space rental photo

The Secret Room 

  • 11’x18′ small studio with 10’2 ceiling
  • Laminate wood flooring

The Airboretum

  • 21.5’x24′ studio with variable 23’+ ceiling
  • Gymnastic mat flooring
Airboretum space rental photo
AME space rental photo

AME Studio

  • 18’x30.5′ studio with variable 23’+ ceiling
  • Gymnastic mat flooring over laminate wood flooring
  • Floor-to-ceiling window
  • Garage-style exterior door for large item load-in
  • Ballet barre and mirrored wall
  • Available with or without mats


  • 23.5’x28′ studio with 10’2″ ceiling
  • Hard rubber puzzle mat flooring and mirrored wall
  • Includes use of three cardio machines (stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical) and free weights

Two single-person shower rooms are attached to the gym, which your group is welcome to use, however, they are open use, meaning that other students may walk through the gym area to use them during your rental time.

gym for space rental photo
picture of hung apparatuses through charm studio

Charm Studio

Our 54’x24′ main studio is available to rent to large groups.

For more details, pricing, or to book your event, please contact