Sky Candy’s Residency Program is currently on hold until Spring 2019

Welcome to Sky Candy’s Residency Program, an intensive training program for aerial and circus students of all levels. The Sky Candy Residency Program is month-to-month, so you must re-apply each month.

All Sky Candy Residencies include the following during the calendar month of your residency:
Unlimited Open Studio Pass
Unlimited Drop-in Pass
1 Private Lesson Per Week (Duo residency lessons must be shared with your buddy, NO EXCEPTIONS)
10% Discount on Series Classes (Series discount may be used for purchases made during the calendar month of your Residency only)
Weekly Residency Training Time (two hours of Residency-only Open Studio, with the Residency Lead present and available for questions and check-ins)
Optional weekly check-ins with the Residency Lead about training goals, schedule, etc.

Solo residency: $500/month
Duo residency: $400/month per participant

Questions? E-mail Residency Lead Rachael at

Apply for a Sky Candy Residency by filling out the form below.