Welcome to Sky Candy’s Residency Program, an intensive training program for aerial and circus students of all levels. The Sky Candy Residency Program is month-to-month, so you must re-apply each month.

All Sky Candy Residencies include the following during the calendar month of your residency:

-Unlimited Open Studio Pass
-Unlimited Drop-in Pass
-1 Private Lesson Per Week (Duo residency lessons must be shared with your buddy, NO EXCEPTIONS)
-10% Discount on Series Classes (Series discount may be used for purchases made during the calendar month of your Residency only)
Monthly workshop in make-up, aerial performance, costuming, self-care, etc. (two hours)  Removed due to space constraints Summer 2018
-Weekly Residency Training Time (two hours of Residency-only Open Studio, with Residency lead Joanna present and available for questions and check-ins)
-Optional weekly check-ins with residency lead Joanna about training goals, schedule, etc.


Solo residency: $500/month
Duo residency: $400/month per participant

Questions? E-mail Residency Lead Joanna at joanna@skycandyaustin.com.