New Year, New You: Setting Reasonable Goals, Part One

Happy New Year from Sky Candy! We’re making plans for what we want to accomplish in 2019, and we’re sure you are too. We’re excited to work with you throughout the coming year to help make your aerial and fitness goals a reality. Let’s start by looking at some ideas about how to set goals, in order to make them more achievable.

We’ve seen too many folks (including ourselves) end up ready to quit because they weren’t making the progress they’d expected. Here’s what we’ve learned along the way about setting goals you can stick to:

Be reasonable

We’ll start at the most basic level: set goals you can reasonably achieve. This might sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how often this trips people up. We commonly have students say they want to “start performing professionally next month” or “get into Level 5 by the end of the year” after their very first aerial class. Slow down, friends; these things take time! It’s totally reasonable for either of those goals to be your endgame, but start by breaking them into manageable steps.

A reasonable goal for a beginner might be to create a fluid sequence that you can perform without pausing. Another could be to complete your first Lyra 1 series and attend Open Studio weekly to review what you’ve learned. When you’ve mastered that goal, look ahead to what the next reasonable step might be. (For more information about our levels system and how to progress, check here.)

Be specific

Instead of choosing something general, like “Get stronger,” make your goal something specific and measurable. “Perform one pull-up.” “Hold a handstand at the wall for 60 seconds.” “Stop tagging in pullovers.” These goals all require increased strength, but also have measurable outcomes and allow you to track your progress.

Choose things you can control

Let’s look at goals like, “Perform professionally this year”. While it’s fine for experienced aerialists to want to gain performance experience, it’s also not a great goal, as it’s somewhat out of your hands. You could be one of the most creative and talented aerialists around, and there’s still no guarantee that a producer will cast you. How can you reframe this goal to make it more achievable? First, if the performance itself is the goal, see if your home studio offers opportunities. Many have student showcases and scratch nights, where anyone can get up and show their work. Make your goal participating in one of those shows.

If you’re embarking on a professional aerial career, make your goals the steps you take to put that into motion. “Create a professional website and reel.” “Contact three different producers/agents to inquire about opportunities.” “Invite a professional performer to coffee and pick their brain.” These goals are entirely within your control and don’t rely on someone else to achieve.

There’s more to setting goals than we can fit in one post! Check in with us next time for more tips on setting achievable goals for the new year.