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New Space Update & Big Ol’ Thanks

Huge thanks to our supporters!

It’s been about two months since we successfully completed our Kickstarter fundraising campaign to build out our new dream aerial and circus arts school and performance space and we’re overdue to offer our hearty gratitude to all the folks who donated to the campaign.

@mjsoko, 914 Orthodontics, Alison Headley, Allyson Ridnour, Amanda Rasizzi, Amie Urban & Gio Palacino, Amy Myers, Ashlie Fearnow, Autumn Taylor, Betsy Greytok, Branwen Evans, Briana Douthitt, Briana Douthitt, Carly Schuna, Carolyn Logan, Chloe’s family, Chris Humphrey, Christine Drew, Copper, Corina Lake, Crystal Carpenter, Cy, Dan Burton, Dani Miller, Danny Eaux, Dez Raven, Donnesh Amrollah, EB, Fancy Tom, Geoffrey Journeay-Kaler, Ginger Snaps, Heidi Harper, HeySexyTiger, Irene Tapia, Jackie, Jamie, Janie, Jeliza, Joanna Wright, Johnson, Jordan K, Julianna Mello, Katie Navarro, Kelli M, Kelly Canepa, Ken Cation, Kim Daniel, Marisa Pisano, Mary Osborne, Melissa Swanepoel, Monica Riese, Monique Dorsey, Monisha, R. Lance Hunter, Rachel Hyman, Robert Edger, Sarah Haldeman, Sarah Marsh, Shohreh, Star Donovan, Suzanne B, Tiffany Cunningham, Tim Maxwell, Tracey Ramsey Abbott, Tristan Boyd, Valerie Aguirre for Teagan Bertalotto, Winnie Hsia

In total, these fine folks and others who wished to remain anonymous helped us raise $20,706 that will go towards items we need to help us convert our new studio space into a versatile performance venue. This includes seating and risers for 200+, theatrical quality curtains for a beautiful backdrop, and a basic, but professional quality sound and lighting package so we can all hear and see each other. We’ll be continuing our fundraising efforts throughout 2018 and if you’re interested in supporting our move to Springdale General, you can reach out to me at

Studio Plans for Sky Candy at Springdale General

For those of you who are not familiar with what we have planned for the new space, the 6500 square foot facility will feature a large main studio space that will also double as our performance space, where we will host classes in the style folks are accustomed to in our two current open format studios. In addition, we’ll also have four other private rooms for smaller
classes including two lower-ceiling spaces where we’ll host our floor-based classes such as handstands and contortion, as well as pole and youth classes. Our two taller-ceiling spaces will feature 21-29’ ceilings and will host private lessons, classes, workshops, and more in our vertical apparatuses. One of these spaces will also contain a competition-grade pole set up so
our polerinas can prep for competitions and we can teach higher level dynamic pole skills. We’ll also have a beautiful lobby and retail area upon walking in, a fitness center/gym with cardio equipment and free weights, our own bathrooms including two showers, an office and breakroom for our staff, and we may even host our friend Katie Cowden of Killer Queen Designs’s new studio space.

In short, it’s gonna be a pretty badass space.

Next Steps

In the past two weeks, I’ve met with our architect, Natalie Thomas of Natalie Thomas Design to review our permit plans and begin reviewing contractor bids. We’ve already met with one very promising contractor and have scheduled meetings with two more in early January. By all estimates, we should be able to start interior construction in mid-January to early February and complete our full buildout by mid-May. This is all assuming everything goes according to plan, which we know is not always the case with commercial construction projections.

I’ll be taking a big step back from teaching classes in 2018 to focus my efforts on ensuring our move to Springdale General is as smooth and on-time as possible. This project has represented the biggest step our company has ever taken in establishing ourselves as an aerial and circus arts destination in Austin, TX and I am so proud, exhilarated, and slightly terrified by the whole process. I’ve had the good fortune of having several fellow entrepreneurial friends share their experiences with me of how their companies fared through major growth stages such as the one we are embarking upon now. It’s been a great comfort to me to know how common that mixture of excitement and fear is and how it passes in time.

I have never been so proud of Sky Candy, what we’ve accomplished over the past seven and a half years, and how bright and promising our future at Springdale General and beyond looks. I can’t wait to show you our new 6500 square foot aerial and circus school and performance space in mid-2018 and I hope you’ll join us for classes, performances, events, and more. Onward and upward, y’all!

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