Lyra & Hammock Workshops

with Matthew Casey

International performer and Instagram icon Matthew Casey is coming to Sky Candy! This April, we’ll be offering both Lyra and Hammock workshops with him. We’re very excited to be able to start offering in-person workshops again!

Matthew started his aerial journey over 11 years ago starting with Aerial Silks and Rope, and eventually moving onto Hammock, Lyra, Trapeze, and Straps. He has traveled and taught all over the world, including in Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, and he has performed internationally in Australia, Switzerland, and Monaco.

Matthew is teaching three different aerial workshops at Sky Candy. These workshops are on the weekend of April 24th and 25th, 2021. Each workshop is 90 minutes long and have different prereqs for signing up.

  • Lyra Flow
  • Dynamic Lyra
  • Drops on Sling

Matthew will also be available for Private Lessons April 22-25th; contact Front Desk to book time or for more information.

For more information on any particular workshop, their costs or prerequisites, or to sign up, visit our Workshop page.