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Keeping Your Balls in the Air

Do you have balls? Do they wobble to and fro? Do some aerial apparatuses and techniques
make you fear for your apparatus at the expense of your technique? If you’re worried about
your external genitalia staying safe while practicing and performing aerials, this post is for you.

Underwear in the Air

The right underwear are your first line of defense. There is endless debate amongst male
aerialists as to what’s best. Folks who have experience in the dance world tend to prefer dance
belts as their base layer solution. Others prefer to wear briefs that are on the snug side to keep
everything in place. There are also specialized options such as the Andrew Christian Show-It
line, which are made to be like a push-up bra for your dangly bits. The intent might be for looks,
but these undies really do keep your balls in place, and tucked away from things that want to crush
them. If you’re in Austin, we strongly recommend checking out Package Menswear for your
specialized underwear needs.

Embrace the Leggings

Some folks begin their aerial journey with us and have concerns about wearing leggings or
unitards, but a close fitting layer between your undergarments and the apparatus will help to
keep everything in its right place. Not only will looser fitting layers potentially cause
uncomfortable slippage, but they may also get tangled in the apparatus, leading to discomfort
in more ways than one! Your inner thighs are far too close to your inner peace to leave them
bare, and if you have body hair you wish to keep, consider leggings the most effective anti-

Proceed with Caution: Strategies for Success

Now that you’ve donned your best underoos and pantaloons, and you know exactly where your
berries belong, it’s time for tactical engagement. Your instructor asks you to “roll around,
holding the lyra between your legs” or “pass the pole of the silks from your left side to right side” and your spidey-sense says, “there’s something crucial in the way!” Hold on to your britches. If you find
yourself in a situation where you are being asked to do a skill that involves crossing the groin
area, think about slowly lowering into that position, or pivoting your crotch around the pole.
Whether you’re having trouble *ahem* adjusting to the skill, or are afraid to think about where
to start, consider talking with your instructor about it. They may have balls, they may not, but
they will probably have advice as to how to best deal with your genitalia in certain maneuvers.

Your Body, Your Rules

Some things are just more uncomfortable on some bodies than others, and you always get to choose if you do a particular skill or not. Remember that whenever an instructor asks you to do a skill, you can always say “no” or “not today.”

Have more questions or concerns about these issues? Feel free to ask any of our instructors or our friendly front desk staff, and they will connect you with an experienced aerialist with external genitalia who can provide tips and tricks. Happy flying, folks!

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