Welcome to Sky Candy! We warmly invite you to come try out the aerial arts and discover the empowerment, creative fulfillment and joy that the circus arts can bring to your life.

If you’ve never done aerials before, we recommend signing up for Intro to Aerials, a no-commitment drop in class for adults that lets you try out our four main apparatuses: Silks, Hammock, Trapeze and Lyra. *Bringing a friend? You both need to create an account and sign up separately to reserve two spaces in the class! Contact the Front Desk if you have trouble registering at frontdesk@skycandyaustin.com.*

Looking for our Youth program? Visit our Youth page, and e-mail youth@skycandyaustin.com with any questions!

Silks, Hammock, Trapeze and Lyra featured in Intro to Aerials

Once you’ve decided which apparatuses you’re interested in, you can sign up for Intro to Silks and Hammock or Intro to Trapeze and Lyra, four-week Series classes that get you launched on your aerial journey.

Every participant in a Sky Candy class must have a signed waiver- to sign your waiver, just click the red button at the bottom of this page.

Use promo code FIRSTFLIGHT at checkout to get $10 off your first Intro to Aerials class!