January First Flyday

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

In 2022, we’re looking for renewal: new and renewed reasons to come to the studio, to invest in ourselves, to create and maintain community, and to persist, as gloriously and gorgeously as possible.

New Year’s gives us all a communal time and space to explore possibility and to plan for change. We want to take full advantage of that with all of you by reinstating a ritual we have sorely missed: First Flyday.

For those who have only started coming to Sky Candy during the pandemic, First Flyday was a free community event we hosted on the first Friday of every month. There were planned activities, a potluck, free Aerial & Pole Open Studios, and often an associated theme. We miss getting together as a community for more than just a class here and a show there and wanted to brainstorm ways of bringing this event back safely.

Because of COVID-19, we will not be bringing back the potluck and food sharing portions at this time, but we look forward to when we can share one of Odile’s pastries or some of Katie Navarro’s jam again. We are also keeping a much lower cap on our Open Studio spaces than we have in the past, to limit the number of people in the studio at any given time. However, we are still including a lot of fun things!

** Brand New Monthly Low Pole Freestyle Skills Workshop **
Every First Flyday, the lovely Marisa Pisano will be teaching a Low Pole Freestyle Skills workshop!

This hour and a half workshop is designed to work for both new and experienced polesters and to be able to be taken repeatedly. The first half will be learning new skills and variations utilizing the lower part of the pole and ground; the second half will be a freestyle and flow jam session to practice your new skills in a less structured, more fun fashion.
This workshop is $50, is for all levels, and will be followed by *two* free Pole Open Studio sessions for extra practice or dance time if you want it. Make sure that you sign up in advance to secure your spot!

** Plant Swap **
Start too many seedlings? Get really into propagation over the pandemic? Buy too many seed packets? Unable to make a certain houseplant happy? From the teeny-weeny to the tremendous, bring any and all of your excess and unwanted plants and plant-related items down to our plant swap this First Flyday!

** Make Some Magic in Open Studio **
Starting at 6:45pm in our Charm Studio (aerial and harness studio) and 7:45pm in Hyrrokkin (pole studio), we invite experienced students to train and hang out with their fellow aerialists! Open Studio during First Flyday is completely free, but we do ask that if possible, you sign up for a spot beforehand to reserve it.

There are two Open Studio sessions in each studio; we ask that you only reserve space in one session in each studio to save room for other students. However, if you sign up for the first session and would like to continue training in that studio afterward, you may ask Front Desk at the start of the second session if there are any slots remaining in that one.

  • Aerial Open Studio: 6:45pm-8:15pm
  • Pole Open Studio: 7:45pm-8:45pm
  • Aerial Open Studio: 8:30pm-10pm
  • Pole Open Studio: 9pm-10pm

+ + Want to share something for a future First Flyday? + +

Got something you wanna do for an upcoming First Flyday? Contact Winnie at winnie@skycandyaustin.com with your idea for consideration!