General FAQ

There are no prerequisites to taking an aerial class, and we do not have weight, fitness, or age limits for adults (ages 13+)! Kids who have successfully completed kindergarten and up are welcome in our Youth classes, and we offer Private Lessons for kids under 6.

We recommend taking an Intro to Aerials drop-in class to start off. This 75-minute class lets you try out all of the apparatuses to see which ones you like best. You can find more information about our classes for beginners here.

For your first class, we recommend wearing close-fitting workout clothes that cover the armpits and backs of the knees. Yoga pants/leggings and a T-shirt would be an appropriate outfit.

Do not wear jeans, or any other clothing with metal or sharp elements. Do not bring any glass into the studio. We generally work in bare feet, so be prepared to take off your shoes!

Make sure to come hydrated, and it’s a great idea to bring a water bottle.

Class-Specific Clothing Recommendations

Aerial Classes: We recommend wearing close-fitting workout clothes that cover the armpits and backs of the knees. Yoga pants/leggings and a t-shirt would be an appropriate outfit.

Pole Classes: We recommend wearing short shorts, a sports bra or tank top, and bringing socks or leg warmers.

Harness/Bungee Classes: We recommend wearing leggings or close-fitting pants/shorts (biking shorts are great and full-bottomed underwear that will stay in place and keep you aligned. Some people prefer wearing two layers for extra cushioning (such as shorts with pants over or under).

Burlesque Classes: Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, but avoid jeans or clothing with metal or sharp elements.

Please do! If it is your first class, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your class start time to fill out a waiver. We start all classes at their scheduled time, so please try your best to be on time. If you arrive 10 minutes or more after the start of your class, you will not be allowed to join the class, for your safety and the safety of the other students.

Our Series classes run 75 minutes, with as few as three or as many as eight students. Our Drop-In classes run 60 minutes, with as few as one or as many as eight students. Class time is spent both trying out the moves yourself and watching others to observe form and technique.

It is best to register as far in advance as possible, to ensure that you have the spot you want. Some of our classes get booked up weeks in advance. Email if you’re having trouble registering!

You can use our website!  Check on either our New Students or Returning Students pages for Adult classes and our Youth Program page for Youth classes.

In cases where students have given us sufficient notice (see below for more details), we can offer an account credit for the amount paid that can be applied to future classes.

If we need to cancel a class, due to underenrollment or teacher unavailability, we will either refund the amount in the original form of payment or convert the amount into account credit, at the purchaser’s preference. Please see below for more details about our refund policies.

We do not offer make-up classes for missed Series classes, except in the event that the class was cancelled by the teacher or by Sky Candy. Students must attend the Series class(es) for which they registered. Students who wish to make up missed material can book a 30-minute Catch-up Private Lesson with their instructor.

Yes! You can get your Sky Candy gift cards here. They expire 5 years from date of purchase, and may be used to purchase goods and services (except for other gift cards) and may not be redeemed for cash.

Unfortunately, no. As much as we love having furry friends around, their presence just doesn’t make sense in a busy, workout setting, particularly one with the safety considerations that our studio has. At this time, only Sky Candy staff may bring their dogs to the studio.

Youth FAQ

The majority of Sky Candy Youth classes at this time do not require any prior experience!  Check out our Drop-In and Series classes, none of which require any previous experience! All Sky Camps, except for the intensive camp, also do not require any previous experience.  There are no fitness requirements to register for classes, and we welcome all youth students who meet our age requirements.

Our main youth program is reserved for youth who have successfully completed kindergarten through age 17. Beginner youth through age 12 should begin with an Aerial Basics Series; for youth ages 13 and up, Teen Circus Club is the best place to begin their aerial journey. We also periodically offer an Aerial Beginnings class to youth ages 3-the completion of kindergarten.

Youth who have not yet successfully completed kindergarten may take Private Lessons at Sky Candy with the additional supervision by their parent(s) or guardian(s).

For most of our aerial and circus classes, we recommend close-fitting workout clothes. No denim is allowed as it prohibits a safe and effective range of motion. We will also ask any students to remove their shoes before getting on the mats, so they should be prepared to be barefoot for most of the time.

We prohibit clothing with metal zippers, exposed buttons, grommets or other decorative elements that may get caught on and damage the apparatus, likewise all jewelry must be removed beforehand as they could pinch the student and damage the apparatus. Lastly, we advise against applying lotions or oils before attending class, as they will impede grip.

If it is your child’s first class, please arrive fifteen minutes before class time to fill out a waiver.  We start all classes at their scheduled time, so please try your best to be on time! If a student arrives 10 minutes or more after the start of class, they will be allowed to sit and watch, but will not be allowed to participate, for their safety and the safety of the other students.

Youth classes range from one hour (Drop-Ins) to 75 minutes (Series classes).  They can have as few as one, or as many as six students.

Some things learned in class can be practiced at home (stretching, conditioning, etc.)  However, we encourage youth to keep aerial tricks inside the studio under the guidance of our trained aerial coaches.  If a youth wants to practice the skills learned in Series classes outside of class, attending Youth Drop-Ins are a great place to do this! Older youth with more experience can attend Open Studio with teacher permission.

It is best to register as far in advance as possible to ensure that you have the spot you want.  Some of our classes get booked up weeks in advance.  You can register for all of our classes and camps in advance through the Mindbody site. Email if you’re having trouble registering with Mindbody!

No, we require each student, regardless of age, to have their own Sky Candy Mindbody account with which to sign up for classes, camps, workshops, etc.

For a full overview of all of our policies and procedures regarding youth students, please click here.

Sky Candy Policies

Arrive on time. Late arrivals may not be allowed to participate.

Please make sure that you arrive at Sky Candy on time for your class. If you are more than 10 minutes late to any class, you are welcome to stay and watch, but you will not be allowed to participate, as it is dangerous to engage in any circus-related activities without a proper warm-up.

Empty classes may be cancelled.

If there are no students signed up for a Drop-In class twelve hours prior to the class start time or fewer than three students signed up for a Series class two days prior to the class start time, the class may be cancelled. If you want to ensure that we keep a class on the schedule, be sure to schedule your place in advance for it on our website.

Late canceling a class costs.

Not able to make a Drop-In class you signed up for? Happens all the time. If you can cancel before our late cancel window (12 hours before the class starts), no problem. However, if you cancel within that window, you will be charged a $10 late cancel fee. If you are an Unlimited Drop-In Pass holder, you will still be charged; if you have a 5- or 10-Class Pass, the class will be removed from your remaining class count.

We understand that last minute illnesses, injuries, car troubles, and other extenuating circumstances come up, but we still incur teacher and staff costs for classes that are late cancelled. The $10 late cancel fee will be donated to the Sky Candy Scholarship Fund, which helps youth who would otherwise be unable to afford aerial classes to train at Sky Candy.

Adult classes are for students ages 13 and up.

We only allow students 13 and up into our regularly scheduled Drop-In and Series classes. On occasion, a teacher may make exceptions for particularly mature students.

Students who have successfully completed kindergarten-age 13 are welcome in our Youth classes, and students ages 12-17 may attend our Teen classes. Students who have not yet successfully completed kindergarten may be eligible to take Private Lessons. Please contact us at for more details.

All services must be paid for in advance.

To guarantee a spot in a Series classes, Drop-In classes, Private Lessons, Parties, or Workshops, students must pay in advance.

Check expiration dates on purchases.

Please note that for all individual drop-in class, open studio, and series purchases: Credit for these purchases expires one year from the purchase date. We do not offer refunds or extensions on purchases that have expired. Please check on the individual expiration dates for other classes and passes, including multi-class passes, unlimited passes, and special deals or discounts.

No refunds.

Except in very rare circumstances, we cannot offer refunds for any of our services. In cases where students have given us sufficient notice (12+ hours for Drop-In classes, 24+ hours for Private Lessons and Open Studios, 48 hours prior to the first class for Series enrollments), we can offer an account credit for the amount paid that can be applied to future classes. We do make exceptions for serious injuries or illnesses for which the student can provide us a note from a medical professional, within a reasonable time frame. For information on complete refund policies, or to cancel a class, e-mail our Front Desk at

No makeup classes in a Series.

Unless you have specific permission from a teacher to make other arrangements, we do not offer free make-up classes for missed classes during a Series. We strongly recommend scheduling a 30 minute Private Lesson with your teacher to catch up on missed material.

Everyone must sign a waiver.

Everyone must sign a waiver before attending class, training, or engaging in any activity at Sky Candy. To sign our waiver, click on the red button on the bottom righthand side of this page.

Dress appropriately.

Dress appropriately for your apparatus. NO METAL OR SHARP OBJECTS PLEASE.

For most aerial apparatuses, proper attire means close-fitting workout clothes that cover the legs and underarms. Do not wear jewelry, unsecured eyeglasses, grommets, or any other objects that can snag or damage the equipment, yourself, your fellow students, and/or teacher! Look above in FAQ #3 for more detailed info.

Train healthy.

Absolutely no training under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted. If your teacher suspects that you may be compromised in this or some other way (i.e. injury, illness, or severe sleep deprivation) you may be asked to sit out and observe your class.

Get warm and stay hydrated.

Please arrive to class on time and ready for warm-up.  If you are attending Open Studio, be sure to warm up on your own in the studio before beginning aerial work. Come hydrated and stay hydrated!

Exercise good hygiene.

In a space with shared apparatuses and training space, it is important that all students practice good hygiene. Additionally, we request that everyone avoid heavy fragrances and lotions as they can irritate other students and staff and can make the equipment difficult to use.

Respect your environment.

Be respectful to the teachers, employees, your fellow students, and the studio. No photography or video recording is allowed without the express permission of the person or people being photographed or filmed. No shoes on the mats or apparatuses. Please wear appropriate footwear when walking around outside of the Sky Candy studio. Please be considerate with cell phone use.

No glass, ceramic, or open containers of any kind.

With hard floors and bare feet, it’s not worth the danger. Please bring water in other kinds of containers. Only water is permitted in the mat-covered areas of the studio.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Do not walk under apparatuses while they are in use. The people in the air have the right of way. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Do not rig equipment.

Do not attempt to rig any equipment. Please ask a trained member of the Sky Candy staff if you need equipment adjusted for any reason.

Do not take unnecessary risks.

Ask for assistance if you are unsure about a move or trick or if you need spotting. Never train alone and always use a crash mat. If you are injured during class or Open Studio, inform your teacher or host immediately.

Open Studio is for practice.

Open Studio is intended to be a forum in which to practice what you learn in class; do not attempt to execute new moves or to teach other students. The safest way to learn any aerial or circus skill is with a qualified instructor. We do not recommend ANY other method of learning aerial or circus skills.

Sky Candy does not offer monetary refunds, except as an option when we need to cancel an already scheduled class. Product purchases, such as gift cards, Drop-In or Open Studio passes, water, or clothing, are all final and are nonrefundable.

For services, if students have given us sufficient notice (see below for specifics), we can offer account credit for the amount paid that can be applied to future classes.

Series Classes: 48+ hours before the first class in the Series
Private Lesson: 24+ hours before the lesson begins
Individual Drop-In Classes & Open Studios: 12+ hours before the class or Open Studio begins
Workshops & Private Parties: 7+ days before the workshop or party
Sky Camp: 14+ days before the camp begins

Additionally, Unlimited Drop-In Pass holders will be charged $10 to their card on file if they fail to attend class and have also failed to cancel more than 12 hours in advance of the start of class.

Individual Drop-In Class, incl. Intro to Aerials: $30
5 Drop-In Class Pass: $125
10 Drop-In Class Pass: $200
Unlimited Monthly Drop-In Class Pass: $75 for the first month, and $120/mo after that

Series Classes:
5-Week Series Class: $150
10-Week Youth Series Class: $300

Open Studios:
Individual Open Studio: $20
5 Open Studio Pass: $75
10 Open Studio Pass: $125
20 Open Studio Pass: $200

Private Lessons & Assessments:
30 Minute Assessment, Private Lesson, or Catch-Up: $40
60 Minute Private Lesson (for 1 student): $75
60 Minute Private Lesson (for 2 students): $100
60 Minute Private Lesson (for 3 students): $120
60 Minute Private Lesson (for 4 students): $160
60 Minute Private Lessons (for 5 students): $200

Sky Camp:
Sky Camp: $400
Sky Camp Aftercare $100

Workshops & Intensives:
Pricing varies by instructor, subject, and length of commitment
See our Workshops page for more info on particular workshops and intensives

Gym Pass: $5/day, or free with any Series class, Open Studio pass, or Drop-In pass purchase
Point Rentals: $20/hr
Space Rentals: See our Space Rentals page for more info
Private Parties: See our Private Parties page for more info