COVID Policies & Procedures

Updated 8/15/2022 at 2pm

This page details what our current COVID mitigation policies and procedures are and how you can help reduce the risk of spreading this illness and other illnesses within our community.

The information here is based on current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Circus Educators Association, and Texas Department of Health and Human Services and on recommendations and legal orders from the City of Austin and Travis County.

The decisions we are making as a business are informed by the above metrics and guidelines, as well as feedback from our staff, students, and community at large.

Current Studio Rules

All students need to complete our online waiver before participating in classes and other studio activities. We strongly recommend filling it out in advance of your visit to save time!

Upon entering the studio and checking in with Front Desk, please proceed to the restrooms to wash your hands before interacting with studio equipment.

Because of recent changes in guidelines from the CDC and the City of Austin, we will be changing our masking policy. Changes will go into effect on Monday, August 29th.

We currently base our mask policy on Travis County’s Weekly Community Level Dashboard.

Low Risk – Masks will be optional for those who are vaccine verified with us. Please look to the Vaccine Verification Process section lower down for more information on what vaccine verified means for us.

Medium Risk – Masks will be optional for those who are vaccine verified with us. Please look to the Vaccine Verification Process section lower down for more information on what vaccine verified means for us.

High Risk – Masks are required at all times for everyone, regardless of relationship to Sky Candy or vaccine verification. We will also reduce studio capacity in high risk times.

Masks should be well-fitting and non-vented, worn at all times while inside the space when required. A well-fitting mask makes a firm seal against the contours of your face and covers your mouth and nose without needing to be readjusted very often.

We suggest considering N95s/KN95s for the best protection as per CDC recommendations. Folx are allowed to briefly remove their masks in the space to drink water, but if a longer mask break is needed, we ask that you step outside. Masks are available at the Front Desk for anyone who needs one, but does not have one.

Vaccine Verification Process
You have three options for sharing your vaccination status with us, depending on your privacy preferences.

  • Digitally: Submit your name and a photo of your vaccine card to this Google Form and we will mark you as “vaccine verified” in our system within 48 hours.
  • In Person Once: Show us your card in person one time, either the physical copy or a sufficiently clear photo of it, and give us permission to mark you as “vaccine verified” in our system.
  • In Person Every Time: Show us your card in person every time you come to the studio, either the physical copy or a sufficiently clear photo of it.

If you choose to submit digitally or in person once, the only info we store in MindBody is marking a checkbox that notes “vaccine verified” in your student account with a note of which staff member checked your card and the date on which they checked it. Any photos submitted will be deleted after your info is entered into MindBody.

We are limiting capacity in each of our rooms, following the guidelines created by the MIT COVID-19 Indoor Safety Guidelines, which is regularly updated.

Due to our capacity limitations, we ask that non-participants leave the studio. If they need to stay, they must remain in the studio in the lobby area by the Front Desk. This includes people who are waiting to pick up students or staff and the parents of youth students.

Equipment Sharing
Because of the low risk of surface transmission, we are sharing apparatuses and other equipment again in most classes. If you would prefer to continue to not share an apparatus or to bring your own to a class, please let us and your instructor know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Sky Candy exists in a relatively new building built in 2018 with 21′ – 29′ ceilings in our tall rooms and 12′ ceilings in lower rooms. Our building has 5 separate HVAC systems and we use MERV-13 air filters in each system, changed monthly.  In our smaller rooms, we have additional Blueair Air Purifiers to ensure maximal air exchanges in those spaces.

All our apparatuses are sprayed with an ethanol-based cleaning solution after every use. Crash mats are cleaned daily by our Front Desk team. Carpet mat surfaces are steam cleaned weekly. The whole studio is cleaned by a COVID-conscious professional cleaning service 3 times per week.

Sick Policy
We ask that all students and staff stay home if they are not feeling well. We have adopted a more adaptive refund policy to help students who are out for illness and have also put in place a sick leave policy following the City of Austin’s Earned Sick Leave Ordinance.

COVID Exposure
If you find out you have been exposed to COVID-19, and are fully vaccinated, we ask that you continue to wear a mask at the studio for at 10 days after exposure. If you have been exposed and are unvaccinated, we ask that you quarantine and do not come to the studio until you have received a negative test at least 5 days from exposure and also do not have symptoms.

If you test positive for COVID or develop symptoms after exposure (regardless of vaccination status), we ask that you stay away from the studio for 5 days *after* the onset of symptoms or end of fever (whichever is later), or 10 days after if you are severely ill. Also, if you test positive and have been in the studio during your likely incubation period, we ask that you let us know so that we can notify others who were in the studio at the same time of their possible exposure.

These guidelines are directly lifted from CDC guidance and they have developed a handy calculator to determine your need to isolate or quarantine, available here.