an assortment of wrapped christmas presents

An Aerialist’s Holiday Wishlist

Browse our holiday gift guide for inspiration on what to get the aerialist or pole dancer in your life this Christmas!

Your Presence Is Your Present

Tips on how to stay focused in class
a person uses their phone over a desktop filled with papers and other implements

How to Deal When You’re Too Busy for Circus

Work. Family. A social life. Circus. This might not be your entire…
a teacher spots a student inverting in a hammock

Training Talk

When will you level up?
a student performs a move on a low trapeze

Nailed It?

Why we don't learn circus on the Internet
aerialist contorts through a hung trapeze that brushes the ground

Putting It Together

A beginner's guide to creating choreography
group warmup exercise

Getting Warmer

A guide to warming up and stretching
different colorways of the same leggings

Dress for Success

What to wear in the air!
closeup of an outdoor thermometer registering a high temperature

Beat the Heat

How to keep training when temperatures are soaring
a woman inverts on a trapeze

Where the Heart Is

Real talk about aerial training at home
exercise equipment in a gym


What to do when you can't make it to the studio
sky candy staff in pageant wear

Go for the Gold

The ins and outs of aerial competitions