closeup of an outdoor thermometer registering a high temperature

Beat the Heat

How to keep training when temperatures are soaring
a woman inverts on a trapeze

Where the Heart Is

Real talk about aerial training at home
student performs aerial move in lyra

Young at Heart

Does age matter in circus?
exercise equipment in a gym


What to do when you can't make it to the studio
sky candy staff in pageant wear

Go for the Gold

The ins and outs of aerial competitions
student is mid inverted move on the trapeze while being spotted by a teacher

A Private Affair

When's a good time for a private lesson?
several empty apparatuses in a studio

The Attitude Adjustment Bureau

How to deal when you don't want to circus
lioness sleeps on a fallen tree

Rest Isn’t A Four-Letter Word

The importance of rest days in circus training
staff member poses on a pole

Pole Pioneers

Read our spotlight on female pole pioneers
group of students and staff pose with strong arms

Why Can’t You Circus?

Spoiler Alert: You probably can!
staff memebr poses in a single point trapeze

Circus Charm School

Learn the ins and outs of aerial class etiquette
various staff pose on various aerial apparatuses

Safety First

Tips for the traveling aerialist