Teacher Spotlight: Becca Strong

Get to know Becca Strong better: teacher, performer, and rigger!

Teacher Spotlight: Taylor Ruthven

Find out more about youth and adult aerials teacher Taylor Ruthven!

Teacher Spotlight: Katie Navarro

Read more about lyra teacher Katie Navarro!

Teacher Spotlight: Julia Kennelly

In addition to teaching trapeze, handstands, and flexibility, Julia is our Program Director and manages our schedule and curriculum.

Handstands at Home

Learn how to safely train handstands as home, either as an end to themselves or keep your core strong for aerial work!

Teacher Spotlight: Erica Mix

Get to know one of our busiest teachers, Erica Mix!

Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Marsh

Discover more about Sky Candy pole and lyra teacher Sarah Marsh, aka Sarah Sparkles!

Three Floor Exercises for Hollow Body

Train your hollow body hold with these three floor exercises!

Teacher Spotlight: Ginger Snaps

Read up on one of Austin's favorite burlesque performers, Sky Candy aerial and burlesque teacher Ginger Snaps!

Teacher Spotlight: Michele Frances

Learn more about Pilates and aerial teacher Michele Frances!
woman doing pull-ups on a set of stall bars in her home gym

Using Pull-Ups

Harness the power of pull-ups to keep or rebuild your aerial strength at home!

Teacher Spotlight: Amy Myers

Meet dance, movement, and aerial teacher Amy Myers!