an assortment of wrapped christmas presents

An Aerialist’s Holiday Wishlist

The holidays are quickly approaching, bringing with them the joy of festive lights and decorations, cozy nights in, and of course, finding great gifts for all your loved ones. If there’s an aerialist or pole dancer on your list this year, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a handy guide to help you select a gift that will turn them head over heels (as usual!) with delight.

Gear and Apparel

You may have noticed that aerialists tend to live in their workout gear, which means they can never have too many options. Be sure to shop according to apparatus – pole dancers need exposed skin to stick to the pole, so think in terms of cheeky booty shorts and save the leggings for silks artists, who generally want more coverage. Speaking of coverage, always choose a high quality brand that won’t turn sheer when the wearer moves or bends. We’re big fans of the super-soft, definitely-not-see-through offerings from Enjoy Leggings. And if you’ve got a trapeze devotee on your list, load them up with fun, funky socks (try our favorites from Sock Club) to save their skin and keep them comfy during skills in the ropes.

Not sure about apparatus-specific gear? Every aerialist could use a snuggly hoodie or colorful leg warmers to keep their muscles warm and limber during the cold winter months. Or surprise them with a new gym bag to keep all their essentials together and easily transportable to and from the studio.


You’ve probably seen firsthand how hard aerial work is on the body. A day in the studio often leaves an aerialist sore and exhausted. Bodywork services like massage and acupuncture aren’t just a fun day at the spa – they’re essential to keeping our bodies performing at their best. Gift cards for these types of services are sure to be a much-appreciated gift. If springing for a massage is out of your budget, consider treats like bath bombs; massage bars, lotions, and toys; even personalized lacrosse balls.

Other Goodies

Want a peek at an aerial instructor’s wishlist? Right now, we’re all about Emily Scherb’s amazing book, Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts: An Illustrated Guide to Strength, Flexibility, Training, and Injury Prevention. Dr. Scherb is both a physical therapist and a circus artist, and her beautifully illustrated book is an invaluable resource to aerialists at any stage who are interested in taking their training to the next level. Available on Amazon or ask at your local bookstore.

What else do aerialists want? Notebooks to record our training regimens and keep track of sequences and skills we’ve learned. Vintage (or modern) circus art. Aerialist-themed jewelry. Shirts with witty slogans (check out our own new Sky Candy merch!). Tickets to professional circus shows in your town. And of course . . .


It’s where every aerialist’s discretionary income goes anyway, so it’s truly a no-brainer: buy them some air time! Pay for their next Series class or book a private lesson with their favorite instructor. Is there an upcoming workshop that’s relevant to their interests? Reserve them a spot! Add on a drop-in or open studio pass for a month. If you’re thinking big, treat your aerialist to an entire traincation and allow them to spend a long weekend or more really honing their skills.

There are so many guaranteed ways to keep your aerialist friends happy this holiday season – if only all holiday shopping could be this easy!