Open Studio is a time for aerial students to practice what they’ve learned in class.

Open studio practice time

There is no teaching during open studio.

All equipment, including carabiners, swivels, silks, lyra, trapeze, rope, etc. are provided by Sky Candy, though attendees are welcome to bring their own. Please ask the open studio host to rig your equipment for you as we do not allow students to use our rigging system. Remember, you must always work with a crash mat underneath you!

The Open Studio host is also available for questions as needed. While we do not allow teaching during Open Studio, we do want you to be safe – so if you’re unsure about something, please ask!

*Open Studios are for students ages 18 and up, or students who have completed an assessment!* An Open Studio assessment lasts 30 minutes, and the charge for this assessment is $40. Please contact if you would like to schedule an Open Studio assessment, or if you have any questions about our Open Studio policies.