Everyone must sign a waiver.

Everyone must sign a waiver before attending class, training, or engaging in any activity at Sky Candy.

Dress appropriately.

Dress appropriately for your apparatus. NO METAL OR SHARP OBJECTS PLEASE!

For most aerial apparatuses, proper attire means close-fitting workout clothes that cover the legs and underarms. Do not wear jewelry, unsecured eyeglasses, grommets, or any other objects that can snag or damage the equipment, yourself, your fellow students, and/or teacher!

Train healthy.

Absolutely no training under the influence of drugs or alcohol! If your teacher suspects that you may be compromised in this or some other way (i.e. injury, illness, or severe sleep deprivation) you may be asked to sit out and observe your class.

Get warm and stay hydrated.

Please arrive to class on time and ready for warm-up. If you are attending Open Studio, be sure to warm up on your own in the studio before beginning aerial work. Come hydrated and stay hydrated!

No glass, ceramic, or open containers of any kind.

With hard floors and bare feet, it’s not worth the danger. Please bring water in other kinds of containers. Only water permitted in the mat-covered areas of the studio.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Do not walk under apparatuses while they are in use. The people in the air have the right of way! Always be aware of your surroundings.

Do not rig equipment unless you have been trained.

Do not attempt to rig any equipment. Please ask a trained member of the Sky Candy staff if you need equipment adjusted for any reason.

Do not take unnecessary risks.

Ask for assistance if you are unsure about a move or trick or need spotting. Never train alone and always use a crash mat! If you are injured during class or Open Studio, inform your teacher or host immediately!

Open Studio is for practice.

Open Studio is intended to be a forum to practice what you learn in class; do not attempt to execute new moves or to teach other students. The safest way to learn any aerial or circus skill is with a qualified instructor. We do not recommend ANY other method of learning aerial or circus skills.