At Sky Candy, our first priority is making sure our students stay safe while learning in a fun, encouraging environment. To that end, we utilize the following prerequisites to determine advancement within our class levels.  Please be aware that our levels are designed to be taken multiple times, so if you’re feeling “stuck”, don’t fret – it’s totally normal.  We also encourage all of our teachers to change up the mix of skills they teach session to session, so you’ll be sure to get a solid mix of review and new skills with each class you take with us.

If you are joining us with prior aerial experience and want to know which level of class to take, or if you’ve been away from aerials for more than two months and are unsure where you fit, we recommend that you book a 30-Minute Assessment private lesson with the instructor whose class you want to enter. You can book your 30-Minute Assessment here.

If you have any questions about our class levels, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or contact us at or 512-800-4998. 

Sometimes exceptions can be made by individual teachers for individual students.  You need approval from both the teacher of the level you are currently in and that you are going into.

Intro (Aerial Newbie)

Open to anyone- we welcome new students to try out the aerial arts in an accessible, beginner-friendly class level! There are absolutely no strength, weight, or fitness requirements.

Level 1 (Beginner)

All Apparatuses- Successful completion of Intro Level and teacher approval, clear understanding of hollow body and shoulder engagement, understand basic terms: pike, straddle, tuck, point, flex.

Lyra- Tuck entrance, 10 second long arm engagement, Short arm engagement with feet on the ground, Knee hang on the bar without hands, Side entrance.

Trapeze- Tuck entrance, 10 second long arm engagement, Short arm engagement with feet on the ground, Knee hang on the bar without hands, Pike entrance, Comfortable standing on the bar with barbie feet/on demi-point.

Silks- Standard climb, Russian climb, Single figure 8 footlock, Double figure 8 footlocks (all footlock skills may be executed from the ground), tuck inversion from the ground (with a foot tag or jumping is okay).

Hammock- Straddle back in froggy, Gazelle, Trying pullovers, Tuck inversion from ground (with a foot tag or jumping is okay).

Rope- Climb to the ceiling 2x without stopping, both Standard and Russian Climb. Familiar with both Aerial dance and Figure 8 footlocks. Hold either long or short arm for 10 seconds. Straddle up from the ground

Pole- Open to all students who meet general Level 1 prerequisites.

Level 2 (Advanced Beginner)

All Apparatuses- Execution of Intro and Level 1 curriculum cleanly and without assistance, and with teacher approval.

Silks- Clean double aerial dance footlocks in the air, 1 clean egg up, Split fabric straddle up from the ground (developing legs ok but no tags or cheats), 10 second short arm hold.

Hammock- Short arm upright egg in the ropes for 10 seconds, 10 second front balance, Ability to pullover consistently and cleanly throughout class, Crucifix hang, Hipkey

Trapeze- Climb the rope to the beats bar, Able to invert safely and without major assistance in a tuck/ pike inversion from the floor, Stand cleanly with good balance. Comfort in a knee hang and with baby knee beats. 10 second engaged long arm hang

Lyra- Inversion in pike or straddle from ground with or without tagging, Ability to hold pike under the bar, Initiate and maintain a spin with proper body engagement, ability to stay engaged for 10 seconds in a short arm and long arm hold, 1 pull up and 2 chin ups from 90 degrees.

Rope- Catcher’s, Hipkey, Closed back balance (all in the air), Climb to the ceiling 3x without stopping, straight leg straddle inversion in the air

Pole- Able to hold hollow body in the air, Basic climb, Pole sit, One spin (any), Pull up with a tuck, Able to invert or ready to start learning how to invert

Level 3 (Intermediate 1)

All Apparatuses- Execution of level 1 and 2 curriculum cleanly and without assistance, and with teacher approval.

Silks- Familiar with universal straddle, Ability to hold catchers in the air without sliding and be able to descend and control stop, Two ‘one leg straight’ straddle ups in the air, One pull up from the ground with a clean let down, Climb to the ceiling twice without stopping.

Hammock- Two consecutive full pull ups on fabric, Forward dive, Long arm hollow body hang for 15 seconds, Tuck and straddle from standing, Clean pullover from overhead. Familiar with/working on Forward and Bell Beats.

Trapeze- Able to invert safely and without major assistance in a tuck inversion from the floor and in the ropes. Solid knee beats, Familiar with pike and long beats, Comfortable in ankle hang without spotting ropes. Clean front balance

Lyra- Belly Up and Down Angel, Skin-The-Cat, One complete and slow pull up, Perfect pike under Lyra.

Rope- Fan hipkey, Single Star, Dive/salto, S-wrap, 3 consecutive pull-ups and/or 3 consecutive inversions

Pole- Strong chair spin, Inverted crucifix, Outside leg hang, Caterpillar, Consistent inversions throughout class (without jumping), Ready to shoulder mount

Level 4 (Intermediate 2)

All Apparatuses- Execution of level 1, 2, and 3 curriculum cleanly and without assistance, and with teacher approval.

Silks/Rope- Straight arm straight leg straddle up in the air, Solid windmill, 1 minute arms over head hollow body on the ground, Solid open back balance, Clean Fankick Hip Key

Trapeze- Ankle beats, solid long/fly beats under the bar, skin the cats, solid front balance, comfortable on the high bar.

Lyra- Clean Meathook, Straight Leg Skin-The-Cat, 3 complete and slow pull ups, clean front balance roll up.

Pole- Strong shoulder mount, extended butterfly, iguana, and handspring/Ayesha.

Hammock- Ability to create and execute 2 minutes of personal choreography, Understanding of forward beats, side beats, and flares