Now available: Aerialbnb!

Sky Candy is thrilled to announce that we are now offering our very own lodging service- Aerialbnb! Whether you’re an aerial student who doesn’t want to drive home between classes, or a commuter who wants a place to crash after a long night at the office, the Sky Candy studios are the perfect resting place for your weary head! Our Aerial Hammocks are made of super-strong, opaque nylon, perfect for ensuring your privacy and keeping you warm and toasty.* Reasonably priced at $5/hr for napping, or $50 for a whole night’s sleep**, Aerialbnb is waiting for you. To book, e-mail

*Sky Candy is not responsible for discomfort caused by excessive sweating or unpleasant odors.

**Except during South By Southwest, when pricing is $150/hr for napping and $2,999 for a full night’s sleep.