Wondering what apparatuses we teach at Sky Candy? Here’s a brief overview of the apparatuses we teach regularly. If you’re a new student and you’re wondering which apparatus is for you, we definitely recommend signing up for an Intro to Aerials class, since the best way to figure out which apparatus you prefer is to give them all a try!

Silks   Joanna silks silhouette

Silks are one of the most alluring aerial apparatuses, and also one of the most challenging. Silks consist of one long piece of ultra-strong nylon fabric that is tied to create two “tails”. Silks are one of the “Vertical” apparatuses, or apparatuses that you climb. The performer must achieve a strong core engagement to maintain stability in this constantly shifting, fluid apparatus.




Hammock Winnie hammock silhouette

Hammock is made from the same ultra-strong nylon fabric as the Silks, but is tied into a loop that the aerialist can sit on or hang from. Hammock is a good starting place for aerialists who wish to build strength before progressing to other apparatuses, and this versatile apparatus also has a large and interesting vocabulary of its own.




Joanna rope silhouette

Rope, also known as Corde Lisse, is one of the purest aerial apparatuses, challenging in its very simplicity. Sky Candy uses covered canvas ropes. Rope requires great strength and stability from the aerialist, and is popular with aerialists who enjoy the “puzzle” of complex wrapping maneuvers.





Colleen trapeze silhouette

Trapeze is a challenging, dynamic apparatus consisting of a steel bar suspended from two nylon or cotton ropes. Unlike the Flying Trapeze, the Static Trapeze does not swing- rather, the aerialist executes poses, rolls, beats, and other movements on and around the apparatus. At Sky Candy, we teach Static Trapeze, which is suspended from two points, and Single Point Trapeze, which is suspended from a single point, allowing for spinning maneuvers.





Lyra Andy lyra silhouette

Lyra consists of a steel hoop suspended from one or two points. Due to the rigidity of the steel, the aerialist must bend their body around the lyra, creating dynamic shapes and poses. Lyra is popular with aerialists who enjoy spinning.





Pole Caroline pole silhouette

Dance Pole is a challenging, acrobatic apparatus, consisting of a metal pole on which the aerialist can climb and perform aerial and ground-based maneuvers. Sky Candy has the tallest Dance Pole in Central Texas, a 16-foot static (non-spinning) steel pole. While a variety of different aesthetics are associated with Pole, Sky Candy chooses to focus on the acrobatic, aerial possibilities of this apparatus.