For Male Aerialists: The Junk Post

Andy cube elbow 1Welcome to a guest post by our resident male studio director and aerial teacher, Andy! Andy knows well the unique challenges that male aerialists face, and he’s here to give you some tips about how to handle the, um, package in your aerial work.

“Are you a male aerialist? Do you on occasion cry out in pain, because you, you know, twist up the private parts, squish them or simply feel they are being torn to shreds? Yeah, I squirmed just writing this, but it’s a fact that every male aerialist has to deal with this issue, and I am here to offer some solutions.

A little known fact is that some moves in aerials are just designed to work for the ladies, developed by them and well executed by them. They were never meant to be performed by the gents. So you have a choice to make: bite your tongue and go through with it, or just forget about that skill and move on to less uncomfortable skills.


In addition to a unitard/biketard that prevents slippage, you should always wear tight undergarments. I hear a lot about dance belts, which are designed to not show your bulge, but are not designed to protect you against pressure of any kind. I find that underwear (briefs with an elastic band) that are one size too small work the best. Boxers, boxer briefs and thongs are not advisable since they don’t confine the boys into one place.

Pain Reduction:

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you are doing a skill that involves tourniquetting the groin area, make sure you lift and lower instead of just moving into the position.

In drops, it is important to over-engage your pelvis, you also have to learn to pull your butt back in other drops. When in doubt, ask your instructor for a modification.

In Conclusion:

Once again, it’s all about your comfort- if there’s a move that feels excruciating on the boys, you don’t have to do it! You can always ask your teacher for a different way to do it, or just move on to the next skill.”

Have more questions or concerns about male aerialist issues? Feel free to ask Andy or any of our other male aerialists for tips when you see them at the studio. Happy flying, fellas!

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