Trapeze, Silks, Pole, Handstands, and more… what we teach at Sky Candy!

Sky Candy is East Austin’s own aerial and circus arts studio! While most of the classes we offer are in the aerial arts, we also offer classes in a wide range of other circus and performance arts- check it out!

Classes for Beginners

Betsy hammock cropWhether you want to try the aerial arts for fun or take your first steps toward a professional circus career, Sky Candy’s got you covered! Our Intro to Aerial Skills Drop-in classes are the perfect no-commitment way to try out the aerial arts, and our Intro to Verticals and Intro to Horizontals Series classes will get you started on your aerial journey! We also offer birthday parties, bachelorette parties, private lessons and more- to inquire about our private party rates, e-mail!


Aerial Apparatuses

All apparatus silhouettesSilks, Trapeze, Pole and more… check out our Apparatus Overview for more information about the aerial apparatuses we teach!





11134232_1577234255862992_1079502056_nHandstands are a great complement to aerial work, and a beautiful, challenging discipline in their own right. We offer a range of handstands classes, from the beginner-friendly Handstands for All to the more challenging Hand Balancing Conditioning.








10314588_767597933301582_6431227972402491984_nWe’re head over heels for Tumbling, and we think you will be too! Never tumbled before? Sign up for our newbie-friendly Tumbling for Beginners Six Week Series!









Wendy burlesque 3Get ready to explore your wild side with our burlesque classes! All levels are welcome in Burlesque Performance, 15-Minute Shimmies, 15-Minute Twerks, and 15-Minute Booty!








PushUpWant to get stronger? We can help you with that! Our conditioning classes range from our $5 15-Minute Classes, including 15-Minute Abs, general conditioning and fitness classes including The Circus Circuit, TRX for Aerialists, and Aerial Bootcamp, and apparatus-specific conditioning classes, including Silks Conditioning and Trapeze Conditioning.


11118569_1577234215862996_840803125_nWant to get more flexible? We can help you with that too! All levels are welcome in Mixed Level Flexibility and Alignment and Flexibility, and folks looking to push their flex to the next level are invited to join Creativity Using Flexibility and Advanced Flexibility.


Hoop Dance

VdayShowcase1.5Find your flow and get a workout too with Fitness Hoop Dance! Everyone is welcome in this fun, low-impact class that’s perfect for folks who want a gentler introduction to the world of the circus arts.




Modern Dance

2624_1119139495267_1130426567_30380649_7977838_nLearn what to do with your body when it’s not on an apparatus! Everyone is welcome in Modern Dance, a fun drop-in class that will have you discovering brand new ways to articulate your body and express your creativity through movement.







Kids/Youth Classes and Summer Camps

Sky Camp Spring Break 2Let the kiddos run away to the circus and be back home for dinner! Kids ages 6-9 are welcome in our Kids classes and summer camps, and teens/pre-teens ages 10-14 are welcome in our Youth classes and summer camps. Kids are eligible to join adult classes starting at age 12.

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