New staff spotlight: Leeloo!

Lee loo multipassSo there we were in the Sky Candy studio, minding our own business, when suddenly we heard a giant crash, followed by the sight of something plummeting through our roof! Thankfully, whatever it was landed safely on the big red crash mat. We approached the mat, and there she was… a brand new studio director, Leeloo! She looked up at us, slightly dazed, and said, “Oh, you want to purchase a multi-pass but you’re having trouble with Mindbody? I can help you with that!”




Leeloo headshot uneditedAll joking aside, we have decided that since we now have two full-time staff members named Colleen, it would be beneficial for us to re-name one of them- hence our brand new Leeloo!  She’s the same wonderful Administrative Director you know and love, just with a new moniker, and a new e-mail address:!

If you want even more Leeloo in your life, stay tuned for the Studio Company’s upcoming Firefly vs. Fifth Element show, coming to rock your world later this summer at the North Door!

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