Staff Spotlight: Allyssa Golden

DSC_1558_2Our staff spotlights continue with an interview with new Sky Candy front-desker Allyssa Golden!

Sky Candy: Tell us a bit about yourself- how did you find yourself at Sky Candy?

Allyssa: Well, I was actually working as a receptionist in the same area, so I was always walking past the studio. Like most people that pass our studio, the aerialists caught my eye. I would stand and stare for a few seconds on my way to and from work every day. I was mesmerized! I found myself Googling Sky Candy, and to my surprise they were looking for a receptionist! I went into the studio the very next day resume in hand. I was determined to be a part of something so beautiful. I called and emailed and stopped by several times. I was practically shouting “please hire me, I love your business!” at Winnie and Colleen M. After a series of very fun and giggle-filled interviews, I landed my position as a Sky Candy receptionist! I have loved every day I have spent here since.

SC: What is your favorite thing about working at a circus studio?

A: One thing??! Alright let’s see if I can narrow it down. What I really love most is that not only are the people I work with talented, but they are so loving and humble as well. I never dread coming into work. These people are SO skilled. They can put on a performance so beautiful and filled with so much emotion that it will make a person (me) burst out into tears. Despite their talent, they will never act like they are “better” than anyone else. They convey the message that everyone started out as a beginner, and only progressed through hard work. I think that’s really important for our students.

SC: We understand you haven’t taken any classes yet- what are you most excited about with regards to starting classes? What scares you the most about taking a class?

A: I am SO excited to start classes. I know I have the passion for aerial arts. I’m just excited to see where it takes me. I do not have much fear in regards to classes. If anything, I worry about my lack of upper body strength holding me back, but hey! That’s why we have conditioning classes, right? 😉

SC: What is your favorite thing so far about Sky Candy?

A: I love the universal can-do attitude apparent in our studios. No matter how many times a student or instructor falls (literally and figuratively), they jump back up and say “Let’s try that again! I’ve got this!” What an awesome attitude to have! I’m so lucky to be placed in such a positive atmosphere.

SC: Anything else you’d like to tell us?

A: Just that I am happy to be here! I can’t wait to join our students in classes, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of this big, crazy circus family!

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