Introducing… Sky Candy reVamped!

IMG_0386As most of you may have heard already, Sky Candy has a new location- Sky Candy reVamped! We are thrilled to formally introduce you to our new studio, located at 2400 Cesar Chavez. This newest addition to our studio presence is a great space for us to expand our aerial offerings beyond what our main location has to offer!









Some features of the new space:

IMG_0385 (1)

Higher ceilings!

Higher ceilings:

Over twenty feet of vertical space to explore! For those of you that are working on your advanced multi-rotation drops, we’ve got you covered! For those of you who like to share your apparatus with a friend, these new tall ceilings offer increased space both above and below the bar for duo trapeze. Also, advanced lyra-ists (level 3 and above) should check out Cory Allen’s brand new Duo Lyra six-week series on Thursday evenings.









Andy fly

Flying Silks

Flying Silks:

Hooray, at last! Make sure to check out Andy’s six-week Flying Silks class as we introduce this new much-requested series on Saturday mornings.












More floor!

Expanded floor space:

Whether it’s Nathan Brumbaugh’s Modern Dance or Floor to Air classes, or Sami List’s Fitness Hoop Dance, the ReVAMPed studio space offers beautiful wood laminate floors for practice, conditioning and choreography.










Additionally, this added space gives us more freedom to run classes concurrently- make sure to check the location of your class on MindBody when you sign up!

Expect to see even more new exciting offerings from us as we grow and expand into this new second location- we’ll see you at reVamped!

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