How to Start Aerial Classes in 2015- A Guide for New Students

63977_854352934617549_96326779971977731_nIf you want to begin taking aerial classes in 2015, but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place! Sky Candy specializes in launching new students on their aerial journeys, and we would love to help you find your wings this New Year! Here’s a comprehensive guide to beginning your aerial journey in 2015- come experience the fun, fitness, and personal transformation waiting for you in the aerial and circus arts!

Common Misconceptions

“I’m not fit enough to do circus.” “I weigh too much, I can’t do circus.” “I’m too old, you have to start when you’re a kid, right?”

These are things we hear all the time, and fortunately, none of them are true! You don’t have to be fit to start taking aerial lessons- our introductory classes are designed for folks who have no experience in the aerial arts, and there is no minimum fitness level. If you come in with a willingness to work hard, have fun, and learn new things, we’ll take care of the rest! As for age, we welcome students age 6 and up- no upper age limits here!

*The rest of this post refers to our adult classes. Click here for information about our Kids and Youth classes and here for information about our spring break and summer camps.*

Your First Class

Not sure which class to take first? We have a variety of different options for you, and you can pick the one that feels right for you. Here are a few of the most common choices folks make when they’re starting off at Sky Candy.

Intro to Aerial Skills

This is the class that we recommend most beginners try out first- in this no-commitment, drop-in class, students get to try out all of the aerial apparatuses and decide which ones they like best! To register for Intro to Aerial Skills, visit our Mindbody scheduling site, create a profile, and sign up online. Have questions about how to register with Mindbody? Check out our handy tutorial!

Intro to Verticals OR Intro to Horizontals

Once you’ve met all of the apparatuses, you may find that you have a preference for the Verticals (Silks, Rope and Hammock) or Horizontals (Trapeze and Lyra)- now’s the time to make your aerial commitment and sign up for a Six Week Series! Our Intro to Verticals and Intro to Horizontals Six Week Series classes meet once a week for six weeks and introduce you to a progression of fundamental skills in either the Vertical or Horizontal apparatuses. Our next Six-Week Series classes start the week of January 5th, and you can sign up here. If you want to sign up for an Intro Six Week Series but can’t make it in for an Intro to Aerial Skills class, you can read more about the apparatuses here.

Circus Circuit Challenge

If you’re feeling a bit intimidated by getting in the air, but still want to get started on your aerial journey, we’ve got a great alternative for you- it’s our fun, tri-weekly circus fitness class, The Circus Circuit Challenge! Certified personal trainer and aerialist Colleen Tabolt will kick your booty into shape the circus way, using ground and aerial exercises that focus on the building the strength, flexibility and stamina you’ll need as you continue on your aerial journey. Sign up here for the Circus Circuit Challenge!

The Future, and Beyond!

Once you’re launched on your aerial journey, we welcome you to make it your own! Our students have many reasons for doing circus, and whether your goals are to get and stay in shape, find a new community of like-minded people to work out with, do your first (or first aerial) performance, or just get out of your comfort zone and have some fun, we invite you to come play with us at Sky Candy!

Have questions about signing up for your first aerial class? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or 512-800-4998. See you at the studio!


  1. Dulce

    How often you do the 6 weeks series? I am interesting in the aerial silk or hammock but I cannot do it now until February-March

    • Joanna Wright

      Our Six Week Series run throughout the year, so you can always sign up for the next one! Our February/March Series will start the week of February 16th, and you should be able to sign up for classes a few weeks before that Series starts.

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