Spotlight on BUTI Yoga with Dez Raven

BUTIdezACTIONHere at Sky Candy, we love hosting unique and different classes and events in our space- one of those is our monthly BUTI Yoga sessions on Saturday mornings with the incomparable Dez Raven! Not only are these donation classes a ton of fun, all proceeds from the classes go to a different local charity each month. We sat down with Dez to find out a bit more about her and her BUTI badassery- check it out!

Sky Candy: How did you come to teach BUTI yoga?

Dez: In 2012, my dear friend encouraged me to register for a BUTI Instructor Training in Austin. At that time, I was experiencing self-destruction and darkness, with a total depletion of self-love. During the training, I felt a spark of confidence, encouragement, connection, and safety, to not only complete the training, but to translate my newly-acquired strength into fixing my own life. Earlier this year, I completed my BUTI Level 2 Instructor Training, and since, I have a felt a true joy and purpose in bringing BUTI’s mind-body benefits to the women (and a few men) of Austin.

SC: How is BUTI different from “regular” yoga?

D: BUTI is a fusion of yoga, tribal-inspired dance (lots of hip and core spiraling), and plyometrics, into a high- intensity workout. BUTI allows one to achieve a high-calorie burn for fat loss, strength exercises for a strong, lean, athletic physique, and most importantly, self-love. To sum it up, imagine this: yoga mixed with dance, a connection with other women, an environment of empowerment and support, AND some serious jams! I don’t think Major Lazer would be present in a “regular” yoga class.

SC: What is your favorite thing about teaching BUTI yoga?

D: I live for the shared bliss after the Savasana (the relaxation and reflection time, in corpse pose, at the end of the class). I love the smiles, the laughs, and the connections between my students. Oh, and my heart skips a beat when a student is able to independently execute and hold a wheel… that is GREAT stuff!

SC: What would you say to Sky Candy students who want to try BUTI, but may feel intimidated?

D: Before becoming an instructor, I had no prior yoga experience, I struggled with cardio- training, and I had no idea what my body and mind were capable of. With that being said, I truly believe that BUTI is for EVERYONE; YOU are one BUTI workout away from absolute empowerment!

SC: Any other comments you’d like to add?

D: Check out my video for a taste of BUTI goodness, and I’ll see you on the mat!

Our next session of BUTI Yoga for charity will take place on Saturday December 13th at 9am and will benefit Meals on Wheels- see you there!


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