To rig, or not to rig…

That is the question! If you’ve been bitten by the aerial bug, chances are you’ve caught yourself eying that nice tall tree in your backyard, or trying to figure out if you could hang some silks in your house. While the idea of being able to train at any time is tempting, it’s good to be aware of the many considerations that go into setting up for aerial work. For instance, take another look at that tree branch- would you feel comfortable hanging your car off of it? If not, you probably shouldn’t be hanging off of it either!

Here’s a great list from some of the top aerial studios in the country, with considerations for aerialists who are thinking about setting up their own rigging-┬áplease take the time to look it over, share with friends, and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions! Our first priority is your safety, so we are more than welcome to discuss any thoughts you have about your aerial practice, including rigging. Happy flying!


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