Circus Circuit Challenge Testimonials

PushUpOur first ever Circus Circuit Challenge is winding down this week, and our students are singing the praises of this tri-weekly intensive circus fitness class!

“What I loved most about the Circus Circuit is that I have become stronger faster than I ever thought I would- I’ve made so much progress so quickly! And it burns in all the right places.” -Cy

 “The Circus Circuit Challenge is great! It is a great price and it is nice to have a set workout time in place. Thanks to this series class I can execute a pullover on the trapeze without using the ropes, hold a plank for longer than I thought possible, and so much more. I have definitely gotten stronger/more toned in just 3 1/2 weeks. This class has been extremely valuable to my aerial practice and I plan to take this series again.” -Heidi

Circus Circuit Challenge has been an amazing month of workouts. I already do a lot of different physical activities, but Colleen has found ways to bring new, tough (but achievable) challenges to every class. We have fun, laugh, and work really hard. During this class I have accomplished several things I never thought I could do, including climbing a silk (UNASSISTED!) and a (very, very tiny) pullup from pike on the trapeze. The only bad thing about the class is that it has to come to an end! Boo!” -Eve

After taking the Circus Circuit Challenge, I spend more time than is really necessary admiring my new muscles. Colleen manages to encourage and drive her students without being pushy or overbearing. This class has produced such good results for me that I’m planning on taking it again!” -Alison

Our next Circus Circuit Challenge starts the week of July 14th- sign up here!

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