Join us for our June Student Showcase, this Friday at 7pm!

June student showcase imageJoin us this Friday June 6th at 7pm for our June Student Showcase! At the end of each Six-Week Series, we give our students the opportunity to perform in a welcoming, in-house environment, and our students never fail to amaze us with their incredible routines. As an additional incentive, if you come out this Friday, you’ll also be treated to an exclusive sneak preview of our upcoming theatrical production COSMICOMICS!

At Sky Candy, we have made a conscious choice not to make performing in a Student Showcase mandatory- we have many students who choose to pursue the aerial arts for reasons other than performance, and we believe that they should never have to perform if they don’t want to. However, for those students who do want to perform in front of an audience, or who simply want to share what they’ve learned with their family and friends, we want to make sure that they have a supportive, safe environment in which to showcase their skills- hence, the Student Showcase!

Performing is a two-sided venture- a performer must be present, but more importantly, there must also be an audience! If you’ve never been to one of our showcases before, we highly encourage you to come on out- you’ll be treated to a very impressive aerial show, and will get the opportunity to provide some loving support for our community of aerialists! If you’ve been thinking about taking some classes with us, the showcase is also a great opportunity to get a sense of our studio culture, and you’ll get a preview of what you can accomplish if you make the aerial commitment!

Admission to our Student Showcases is only $5 at the door, or free for our current students. See you there!

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