Welcome to Stinky Season at Sky Candy!

Sky Candy SunWelcome to summer at Sky Candy! While the hot season certainly has its perks (hello increased flexibility!), it also comes with some serious, shall we say, “maintenance” issues. No one likes it when our studio and equipment smell icky, so we’d like to ask all of you to pitch in and do your part to help keep our space and equipment clean. We’re mainly talking about our silks, which, as our students know, tend to get smelly even during the non-sweaty times of year. We are only able to wash each silk a certain number of times over the course of its life, so it’s very important that we as a community try to keep our equipment as clean and un-stinky as possible. Which brings us to the main point of this post…

A plea for hygiene!

For the sake of our equipment and your fellow students, please remember to shower frequently and wear deodorant this summer. We know there’s going to be a lot of sweating going on this summer (especially during the Circus Circuit Challenge!), so let’s make sure it’s nice fresh sweat. 🙂 Thanks Sky Candies, and happy summer working-out!

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