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Sky Candy Wins Big at COTAC!

Huge congratulations to our Sky Candy students and teachers who competed in the Capital of Texas Aerial Championships this weekend- every one of them came home a winner, and we are so proud! Check out this Sky Candy sweep:

Amateur Trapeze
Amber Bates- Best Tricks
Bianca Salinas- Best Flexibility, First Runner Up
Jessica Cochran- Audience Favorite, Winner!

Partner Trapeze
Caroline Poe and Donnesh Amrollah- Winners!

Amateur Lyra
Katie Navarro- Best Musicality, Audience Favorite

If you didn’t make it to the competition and want to see the routines, you’re in luck- check out all of the Friday night videos below!

CD vimeo image

Congratulations again, we love you Sky Candies!

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