Introducing… the Box of Shame!

Box of ShameIf you come into Sky Candy these days, you might see a new receptacle next to the Lost and Found (which you should check, by the way- we’re cleaning it out at the end of this month!). This new member of the Sky Candy family is the ever-so-friendly “Box of Shame”! If you happen to find yourself at Sky Candy without the proper aerial attire, never fear- Box of Shame is here to help! You can always grab a pair of aerial-friendly pants or an aerial-friendly shirt from the Box for the duration of class, though we can’t guarantee the stylishness or cleanliness of said article of clothing. 😉

Why the Box of Shame, you may ask? You may have noticed that some of our equipment develops holes from time to time, especially the silks and the fabric wrapping on the elbows of the trapezes. Some of these holes come from normal wear and tear, but the vast majority of them come from zippers, grommits, jewelry, or other sharp and pokey things that tend to hide on our clothing. Not only is it a pain for us to constantly repair our equipment, but you are also put in danger by your sharp and pokey wearables (just ask anyone who’s ever done a front balance on a grommit or gotten their earrings caught in the silks!). It’s very important that everyone who goes on a Sky Candy apparatus is wearing aerial-appropriate attire, so please make sure to bring aerial-friendly clothing, and be prepared to meet the Box of Shame if you don’t!

Need a reminder about what clothing is considered aerial-friendly and what isn’t? Check out this handy blog post! Not sure where to obtain aerial-friendly clothing? Just ask us and we’ll point you in the right direction. 🙂

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