Sky Candy Suggestion Box

Suggestion boxYou may have noticed our handy dandy, bling-tastic new suggestion box at the front desk this past week- seems that some folks at least have found it, because we’ve had some super-helpful suggestions already! Here are our responses to this week’s suggestions- keep ’em coming, Sky Candies!

Suggestion: “It sometimes gets smelly in the studio, especially in summer- could you try to keep the studio more ventilated?”

Sky Candy Response: Yes, absolutely! There’s an awful lot of sweating that goes on at Sky Candy, and we know that it can get a bit funky in the studio, especially in the summer. We are going to start leaving our double doors open during some evening classes to let a bit more air in, and we will maintain our current rigorous cleaning program, which includes daily sweeping and mopping with bleach at least twice a week.

Suggestion: “Naked yoga!”

Sky Candy Response: Um… yeah, that’s a no. Sorry friend! Perhaps check out Austin Naked Yoga?

Suggestion: “I’ll bet it would be possible to have a Silks 4 class even without a higher space- can that happen soon?”

Sky Candy Response: Yes! Silks 4 will make its debut in our June-July Session!

Suggestion: “Can y’all offer more conditioning and flexibility classes?”

Sky Candy Response: Unfortunately, that’s a no at this time- our schedule is pretty packed, and we just don’t have the space to teach more drop-in classes at this point. If our current classes don’t fit with your schedule, why not grab a couple friends and sign up for a private lesson in conditioning and/or flexibility?

Suggestion: “More cowbell!”

Sky Candy Response: Sure thing. Here you go! (Don’t get the reference? Here’s what we’re talking about.) 😉

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