Safety First


PrivateHere at the Sky Candy Studio, our first priority is making sure that our students have a fun, enriching, and above all safe experience flying with us. To that end, we have an extensive safety system in place with the purpose of eliminating as much risk as possible from our aerial arts equation. Here is a partial list of our safety practices- please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Rigging Design, Implementation and Maintenance

When it comes to safety, we believe that it’s best to listen to the experts. To that end, Sky Candy worked with structural engineering company JQ Engineering to design the load-bearing system of steel beams in our studio. Each point is rated to support 2,000 pounds.

Our rigging system was designed and originally installed by certified rigger Timothy Cole. The entire system (pulleys, ropes, caribiners, etc.) is inspected weekly by our staff and every six months by Tim. Any issues with the rigging are promptly resolved by our staff, or by Tim if necessary.

Rigging Equipment and Apparatuses

Sky Candy uses only the highest-quality, highest-rated rigging equipment, including steel caribiners, swivels, and rescue-8’s as well as custom-built lyras and trapezes. We regularly inspect all of our equipment, repair it when needed, and retire it when necessary.

Ongoing Safety Education

We believe that increasing the safety of our studio is an ongoing process, and to that end we host and actively encourage our teachers and staff to participate in ongoing education related to aerial teacher training, rigging, and safety classes (including CPR and First Aid certification).

All Sky Candy aerial teachers are CPR-certified, and all have completed the Intro to Teaching Aerials workshop as taught by Elsie Smith et. al. of the New England Center for Circus Arts. This course includes classroom and risk management, injury prevention, rigging safety, and safe spotting techniques. Our teachers structure their curricula with injury prevention in mind, and make sure to progress their students at a pace that will encourage proper development of strength and flexibility, with a strong focus on proper form and alignment.

Sky Candy and its teachers continue to pursue higher levels of teacher training in conjunction with NECCA, including a series of Foundation and Intermediate level teacher trainings to be hosted at Sky Candy this summer.

Crash Mats

While our first priority is to prevent falls, as aerialists we have to accept the reality that sometimes a fall will occur, especially in a learning environment. For this reason, we require that all students, teachers and performers utilize  a crash mat while in the Sky Candy studio.

Safety in Numbers

This one is simple- never train alone! No one is EVER allowed to train alone at the Sky Candy studio, for any reason.

Culture of Respect

At Sky Candy, we believe that a culture of safety is also a culture of respect- respect for your teacher, your art form, and yourself. We encourage all of our students to pay attention to their teachers, put in the work toward building proper form and technique, and respect the signals that their body is sending them.

If you have questions about any of our safety policies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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