April Workshop Bonanza!

EagletHere at Sky Candy, we love nothing more than offering our community and students the opportunity to train with professional-level circus coaches. That’s why we’re so excited to be offering a veritable cornucopia of workshops during the month of April, featuring a huge variety of disciplines taught by highly acclaimed and well-travelled teachers. If you are interested in taking three or more of these workshops, we are offering a “frequent flyers” discount- e-mail Joanna at joanna@skycandyaustin.com for more details!

Without further ado, here is the full list of our April workshops, broken down by level.




Open Level/Beginner Workshops

Intro to Hand to Hand and Banquine with Nick Milan (Must be able to hold a headstand and/or handstand)
Contortion with Caty Mae (Previous flexibility training strongly suggested)
There’s a Drill for That! with Shannon McKenna (All levels welcome!)
Handstands for Everyone! with Shannon McKenna (All levels welcome!)

Level 1 Workshops

Intro to Aerial Performance with Caty Mae
Straps for Aerialists with Dan Stern
Nailing the Fundamentals with Beverly Sobelman
Lyra Choreography with Caty Mae (Level 1 and up Lyra students)

Level 2 Workshops

Intermediate and Advanced Lyra with Caty Mae (Level 2 and up Lyra students)
Rope Fundamentals with Shannon McKenna
Intermediate Straps with Dan Stern (Prior straps experience or instructor approval required)

Level 3 and up Workshops

Intro to Dynamic Rope with Beverly Sobelman
Get Moving on Trapeze with Beverly Sobelman

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